The Story of InvoiceCare

InvoiceCare was a company built to address a frustration. Here's the kind of story we heard that made us think we could make a difference:

"My first real startup was a web development company that I started with my childhood friend. One of the most memorable startup lessons we learned was about collections.
"There was a particular Friday afternoon when we were out of cash. We had all these customers who owed us money, but none of them were very anxious to pay. In our fairly whimsical management style, we decided to call our courier service and have them send a few couriers to our office. I’ll admit, we hoped they would send us a 6′ 6″, 300lb guy named Bruiser.
"We then took turns ringing up the customers who owed us money. When we got one on the phone, we would confirm they had the ability to pay, and then would say something like, “Great, a courier is on the way over to get the check now. Please have it at the front.” We had a few customers that were taken aback, but at the end of the day, we had collected about half of what was outstanding, made payroll, and went home satisfied."

That small business collections is tough is not shocking. What is shocking is the lengths businesses sometimes have to go to just to get paid, and how few services there are that actually solve this problem.

Every consultant, designer, developer, wholesaler, engineer (and more) that we talked to, we heard the same story: “I hate dealing with invoice follow-up. I hate being the bad guy. I hate asking for the check. I hate reminding my clients to pay.”

That's how the idea for InvoiceCare was born. And although the invoice follow-up business is a bit scary, we had a hunch we could create something that would make your life (and ours) a bit easier.

In 2013 the product that is now InvoiceCare was launched. We've had remarkably steady success and an extraordinarily low customer turnover rate. Once clients feel the relief of no longer having the burden of invoice follow-up, they pretty much never want it back.

We hope you will love InvoiceCare, too. We hope your customers will be impressed with your new level of customer engagement. Most importantly, we hope you will get paid.

Welcome to InvoiceCare!

The Story of InvoiceCare

The Story of InvoiceCare